Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Now that one of my saws was in an issue of Wood Magazine, I'm getting more people checking out the site.  The interest generated from the article had me spending all of my spare time working on several batches of the Pocket Saws. 

For those of you just visiting the site, welcome to Cady Tools.  There's more information on myself and my operation in "About Me" section.  The abbreviated version is: I make tools, I'm focusing on saws right now (sorry to the spokeshave crowd), I make all of my components from the backs to the handles to the screws.

Direct control of the parts-fabrication process allows for me to change designs from batch to batch.  I like to do small runs, and replicate a different saw each time.  I've done saws as large as 18 inch backsaws down to the the 5 inch pocket saws.  My control over the process has allowed me to reproduce some very unique designs, many of which appear in the pictures of my earlier blog posts.  Scroll down to see more saws and more about myself and what else I work on.

Thanks to all of my customers who were patient, sawmaking isn't a quick process, especially when you are making the saw components yourself, and not just assembling them.  In the near future I have plans for getting a real, more business oriented, site off the ground.  In the meantime keep checking in and please feel free to email me: cadytools@gmail.com